I hate myself

I hate myself for being Nice.

I hate myself for being accomodating.

There is just friggin lots of things to do that puts my mind in a swirl!

I cannot focus and i hate myself for it!

I hate what's happening to me!


  1. That's the nice thing about you right? Being nice!
    Don't let the nitty gritty things bother you - the bigger picture is clear - TO BE NICE is really cool!

  2. Anonymous11:10 pm

    y the sudden negativity?

    it's tough to be nice all the time to others. but dun forget that the person most important to be nice to, is yourself. only then can you be nice to others.

  3. Don't hate yourself, hon. I'd be upset if you do...

    Coz you're one for the nicest person I know!! (^_~)


  4. Hey babes!

    Wow! Thanks for all the encouragement yeah?! :) That's why you are all my goodie girlies! ha ha! Well... i guess when things get a little too much to take...you need some place to release.... :)


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