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I hate myself

I hate myself for being Nice. I hate myself for being accomodating. There is just friggin lots of things to do that puts my mind in a swirl! I cannot focus and i hate myself for it! I hate what's happening to me!

Aviva Ironman 70.3

Today... we went out... once again to paint ECP yellow... like we always do when there's an Aviva Event. The company's big on branding... and yellow being our corporate colour... we were out there..... putting as much yellow as we can! For the second year running, we sponsored the Ironman 70.3 in Singapore. About 1400 participants took part this time round.... that made everyone's adrenaline pumping the entire day. I guess everyone had their reasons for being there..... for the participants... some would want to win... some would want to beat their own personal best... for others.. it was just to challenge themselves to finish the race.... overcoming any adversities there are in the way. Then, for non-athletes like me.... it got me inspired to wanna stay healthy and start execising more often. Anyway... to all participants.... it was a job well done.... having to complete 2km of swimming in the open water, 90km biking and 21km running.... that's no easy feat. Kudos man!