It's been a long long week...

...I'm glad it is over.

The week started off with me scurrying around, trying to finish up whatever work I have, so I can start on new tasks. Well... from time to time, i will have this 3 months schedule where I pack it so tightly that I will find myself gasping for air. Yes. I like to do many things in a short period . Coz, I always make it a point to acheive some big things by the time it's appraisal season. But.... as my portfolio grows with requirement from HQ in UK.... i find myself more than just gasping for air. Sinking a little i guess. They say they will get me someone to share my load... but no signs of that new pair of hands yet. Crap. Anyway..... i din start any new tasks this week. In fact by mid week... I was already slacking. Oh well!

Come mid week, one of my dear friend, B, broke some sad news to me. Something happened to her, which broke my heart. And when she told me about it.... I was just too shocked for words. I hated myself for telling her " Frankly, I don't know what to say to make you feel better".

The fact was... i REALLY did not know what to say. But stupid me... why did i even verbalise it. I have always been more of a listener than a counsellor. I can sit by you side for hours, just listening to you vent, cry or watsover. But... i always refrain from saying too much for fear of saying the wrong things.

Anyway.... i teared reading her blog on what happened. I cried when i related the whole story to Hwa. I dunno why it hurt... maybe coz we shared so much about it, and now it's gone it's like something is missing. I will never be able to feel the pain she went through... not now at least... and i dun think i ever want to. But... B... I am glad you are ok now. We will go for Salads again yah?

The next day came. By lunch, a close colleague of mine left the company. Without warning...without goodbyes. Why!?! There are tonnes of unreasonable people in this world. But we will always be at their mercy.

.... more things to rant..... ***BLEAH****