All the hype about babies...

After the national day rally.... suddenly the talk in town is about having babies... giving mothers 4 instead of 3 months maternity... giving 6 days childcare leave.... govt co-sharing the cost of IVF... and the list goes on.

However, in this day and age... where independence, ability to provide for ourselves, buying ourselves the pradas and LVs of the world has made us work harder in the corporate world than our mothers have. This also means, women hold some important positions in almost every company. With the govt coming up with such fanastic ideas to offset the cost of having kids.... it could also mean decreasing the chances of us getting the career we want, unless companies are open enough to accomodate the lifestyles of the supermothers we wish we could be.

I have had my fair share of job interviews. And 90% of the time, the question of whether I am intending to start a family soon comes up. Can I say it is discrimination? Maybe not. But it makes me think twice whenever I wanna seek greener pastures.

Then the other questions of whether coupls these days wanna have kids at all? And then... there are also those who wants kids.... can't have them for various reasons. No matter how much the govt intends to give back to women like us.... there are still many other external issues to deal with.... before total birth rates will increase.


  1. Babies are the latest "craze" topic in Singapore? Are Singaporean getting more babies after all these benefits given by the government?

    I didn't know potential employers actually ASK if the potential employees if they intended to start a family soon... That sucks, totally! And I think it's totally irrelevant coz that should be one's personal life!


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