Weighty issues

Plonked myself on the weighing scale two days back.

Eyes almost popped out when i saw where the needle ended up.

Tried the digital scale... the result was worst.

I recalled my weight was still in good range just a week back.

What happened?

Has my weight gone up like how cost of living has?

Sigh.... adds so much to my angst as well.

Having a husband who's not at all encouraging makes it event worst.

Meen: Dear....do I look lik XX kg?
Hwa: I think so.
Meen: What you mean you think so?
Hwa: You din use to have that bluge.
Meen: No...i always had it. If I put on more kg... and never lose them...will you still love me?
Hwa: You mean you will allow yourself to get so heavy?
Meen: Nevermind!

Time to go to the gym more often....
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