Rising cost of living

My breakfast sandwich cost me $2.70 today.

It was $2.50 only last week. In a matter of just a few days.....my breakfast has cost me 20 cents more.

Was @ NTUC Fairprice earlier. Overheard a mother telling her child.... " This used to cost 70 cents, now it's 95 cents!! Look how the price has risen. You should learn to save money!". I don't know what the context of their conversation was... but it sure sounds like inflation is setting in.

The cost of everything.... almost every commodity is rising... just like how the number of ERP gantries keep popping up all over the island. Such has made a lot of small time business folks who earns a living in the "restricted zone" rethink if they should increase the price of their items due to the rising cost of their supplies.... or reduce price to woo customers back as no one is patronising them due to the ERPs.

Tough. Yes it is. But... have you ever asked... how come our pay did not increase today.... just like how the price of my sandwich changed in 72 hours.

Life will only get tougher.


  1. Anonymous9:16 am

    Msia petrol increase by 40%, Vietnam petrol increase by 36%. Everything follows except salary. 2009 is going to be an uncertain year... darn...


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