Remembering the little things

Was out for drinks with a couple of colleagues on thursday nite, in an "sex and the city " kind of way..... where four gals sit around the table and bitch about men.

One girlie was having some sort of silent war with her boyfriend. In fact I dun even know if he is her bf. Anyway... she complained about how he does not know how to read her mind. And..... how goondu he is.... doesn't know how to please a gal... (reminds me so much of hwa) blah blah blah. You can all probably guess the full list of grievences she had.

The other girlie...was just saying how she feels neglected by her husband, when her husband thinks that there is absolutely nothing wrong at all. And... she of coz want to get her way.... so what does she do? Scream at him.... Not too wise i guess..... as she hasn't heard from him since the nite before.

The third girlie...swinging single... and going gaa gaa over some guy.... who is just so ah beng... and so not worth her time... as he is obviously playing the field.

While me.... no complaints... nothing at all. So I took on the role of counsellor....

I think I have learnt that the best thing in life thus far, is never having any expectations of romance or of your other half being a psychic....knowing what you think, and what your next move would be. Coz if you do, you'll end up in disappointment most of the time. Trust is what you need more.... trust that he has you at the back of his mind... and trust that no matter what happens... you are still important.

As we progress tru life...we tend to demand for more things.... and chase after what's material. Maybe it is time to take and step back...and think about the little things he has done for you that made your heart skip a beat. I dun think it's that Gucci bag that he bought for you... and I dun think it's that 6 course french dinner he brought you to on valentine's day.

The best things he has probably ever done for you... are priceless. Think about it.... I believe there are plenty of these wonderful sweet stories behind every relationship. It could have been temporary stored in a backup memory. Take some time to open the files.... and maybe then, we girls will learn to appreciate the guys more.


  1. Anonymous2:25 am

    How true...but despite all that, i'll still want my gucci bag, hurhur!

  2. Wouldn't it feel better if the Gucci was bought using your won money? ... Acheivement mah!! :) Haa Haa!Who needs men !!! :P

  3. Hey WC...

    I spoke your mind? I guess?? Haha! :) But you are one of those snags rite? Bleah!

  4. nah, i'm not a snag. can be quite careless at times know us guys lah haha. but i reckon the gals in Singapore are pretty appreciative if you treat them right, yet not over-indulge them haha. mayb its the kind of friends i have. thats y you are my friend! ;)


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