Love lost....learn to treasure

Am now waiting to watch the re-run of my fav tvbs drama serial..."heart of greed" or 溏心風暴.
Todays' episode will show how the young lawyer die from a car accident... with the regret of not telling this girl how much she means to him and vice versa. They have been contemplating to bear their hearts out to each other.... but before that can happen.... he dies. And.... he died becoz he was thinking of how to help her fight her next case. Something that will make every softie cry.

We think that such sob stories only happen on the tele.... but no.

I was surfing around, and came across a blog. At first glance, it felt like a lovey dovey kind of blog, that spells out all the happiness of a pair of young lovers. Read further, and you will realise the guy has passed away 2 years ago, in a freak diving accident, which was also on national papers.

It's been two years, but every entry the girl writes... you can feel that pain she has gone through as it happened just when he proposed to her.

They knew they were made for each other from the start. They shared more happy moments then sad. The bond they had was stronger than what many other married couples have. Now... every single thing she does, she relates it back to the things he once told her... and the times they used to share. She tried hard to move on.... but it is just too hard. She is a strong girl. And... losing someone she loves so dearly... someone who she thought was going to spend the rest of her life with her....was too devastating. Put ourselves in her shoes. How many of us can spend 2 years always dreaming of the person we love ... and has passed on.... yet face the whole like it didn't matter so much.

My heart goes out to her, G.

To everyone else... treasure the ones around you. You will never know when you will lose sight of them. If you think you want to say something or do something for your loved ones.... please do not hesitate, as you never know when your next chance will be.