Regrets? Have u had any?

Backdated to 16 June.... Location: London.

Before I go any further into this post, let me just say... I am typing this in wordpad, while sitting in my hotel room.Well, there is wireless access in the hotels... but it is darn costly. GBP5 for an hour??!!! That's like S$15. Ermm...guess since the only reason why I need to go on line is to keep myself occupied...start blogging... or reading mails.. then why even bother right?

I am really tired. It's been a very long week. Feel like I haven't had a good night's rest for ages. The week prior to this business trip to UK was madness, with all the rushing to finish up outstanding work and dealing with Hwa's last min secondment to cyberjaya (KL) for a month... and not forgetting helping out @ Aviva open over 14 & 15 June. Boy, am i glad it's really all over. Now... I just wish this UK trip will be over soon too.

Anyway, if you seethis post dated 21 June or earlier...that prob means I succumbed to temptation... and paid for the wifi access.

The flight from SG to London .... was agonising. I had to wait @ the airport for close to 4 hours coz i had to send my husband off on an earlier flight. Truth is... i know I am going to miss him for a good one month, so just wanted to spend some time with him....whatever time it was worth.

Then there was my 13 hr flight. The flight wasn't all that bad, cept that it got me thinking about a certain single regret in my life. I have always held onto the notion of never having regrets in my life. Decisions made, are decisions we lead our lives by. But.... the fact that I was just an inch close to fulfilling my childhood dream, and saw it shattered just because of my honesty remains a major regret.

Fresh out of Uni... I decided to pursue the job of my dreams. I called it fate, as the weekend I arrived back from Perth, THE job ad came out. I went for the interview, got tru it. Went on for the selection... and was t he lucky 8. Everything seemed to be going so well.... all it needed was just for me to get tru the medical examination and I'll be ready to roll!. I was estatic! My dream was coming true.

Alas... i thought honesty was always the best policy... so during the medical examination... I declared something which changed my joy to my lifetime of regret. In fact... the "little" declaration I made about some ailment... did not occur @ all since then. So in fact... there was no need for me to do what I did.

The flight brought back memories of how I locked myself away... and cried myself silly... when t he company withdrew their job offer to me.... just because I was honest.

I wanted to be a Singapore Girl. I still do.


  1. Honesty goes a long way my dear. Their loss is many gains to other companies that employed you. And hey, the air up there might not be what you like. Stay on ground and bitch with me. :)

  2. I think that's what I can take comfort in. Hmmm.... and come to think of it... i do love to bithc with u...! Hahahahah!


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