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What would you do?

If one day, your husband comes to you and tell you that he is considering taking up an overseas posting for a year... what would you do? For me... i honestly... do not know. Head says: Sure! Go ahead! It's a good opportunity & for career progressive, then why not? Heart says: No!!! Hell No!! I mean, it is not a simple yes or no question. It is also not a decision that can be made overnight. We are married. There are many considerations. And, i don't know if I can cope without him. Yes... it's a time to be independent, which i have no qualms that I am capable of doing so. But... for him to leave, and drop a whole load of weight on me.... to look after the house, care for his mother, on top of my already heavy responsibilites of my parents, my cousins in philippines + my work, without a pillar... where would that leave me. And, I am no matter what... not someone who can replace the pressence of my MIL's two sons. With one of them almost permenantly in China... and fac

Regrets? Have u had any?

Backdated to 16 June.... Location: London. Before I go any further into this post, let me just say... I am typing this in wordpad, while sitting in my hotel room.Well, there is wireless access in the hotels... but it is darn costly. GBP5 for an hour??!!! That's like S$15. Ermm...guess since the only reason why I need to go on line is to keep myself occupied...start blogging... or reading mails.. then why even bother right? I am really tired. It's been a very long week. Feel like I haven't had a good night's rest for ages. The week prior to this business trip to UK was madness, with all the rushing to finish up outstanding work and dealing with Hwa's last min secondment to cyberjaya (KL) for a month... and not forgetting helping out @ Aviva open over 14 & 15 June. Boy, am i glad it's really all over. Now... I just wish this UK trip will be over soon too. Anyway, if you seethis post dated 21 June or earlier...that prob means I succumbed to temptation... and pa

Is it here yet?

For those who knows what I am talking about... The M is still not here after 12 days. I have used 3 sticks... and the result is still N. Looks like I am in for a great disappointment.