Woman as a commodity

A man in his 40s is desperate to get a wife... in what the chinese say to "chuan zhong jie dai". He has been searching in vain for a wife for the past many years. It does not take much to guess that he is probably a blue collared worker, with little or even no education. Life for him as he aged was also probably not easy, with his parents all passed away.

Then, what choice does he have, but to seek "greener pastures" in a foreign land.

The man registered @ an agency, and he was brought into a room with girls and women or different ages, all lined up for his selection. This garners up an image of a "fish tank" in nightclubs.... just that this is with more decency.

The man was shy... so all he did was look at the women's feet, and picked his bride.

Well.... I never liked the idea of Singaporean men going to foreign lands to look for a wife. It makes the women folk appear to me like goods... and to make matters worst... some of these agencies actually tell the men that they can bring their chosen wife home for a few day to TRY OUT.... if the latter is no good.... they can always be brought back! Now... doesn't this sound like women are commodities??! Dun these women deserve some respect as well? What do they mean by TRY OUT?! So... if the women are lucky, they get to stay with the first man that picked them. If they are not... then how many times would they have been tried?!

I mean... I am a woman too, and I cannot imagine myself in their shoes... ! Dun they feel little?

Then again, if we think carefully, is it not the fault of the materialistic Singaporean women, that drives our men away , and force them to look for foreign brides to satisfy their manhood... and carry on the family line? A largely debatable topic, that desserves a think about.