Home Sweet Home...

I'm Back! Glad to be back on familiar ground. :)

The usual question at this juncture would be, " So... how was your holiday?"

I wouldn't say it was super fab. Could be better though. It was a tad gloomy... the weather i mean. And... perhaps Hwa and I had a very tiring week prior to our trip. So... we were not actively thinking nor planning to make the holiday a perfect one. We actually only sat down together at 11.30pm, the night before the trip to go through which places we should visit! Haha! The discussion did not last more than 15 min. So, this tells you how much thought was put into planning out 5 days in Taipei.

This is not to say, the break was horrible either.

I appreciate time away from home. Spending quality time Hwa alone, and just simply not having to use my brains at all was really priority for the trip.

2008 hasn't been kind to us, with hwa taking on a new role, and me getting projects, which requires us to be hard at work till 9pm everynight. This does not give us very much time together. What's more we dun live alone, remember??!

Anyway.... stay tuned to my next few posts, on my day to day account of our Taipei trip!



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