Both Hwa and myself received our bonus letters.

Hwa did really well....bonus was very good, increment was super, and to top it all up, he got a promotion. In two years, he managed to prove himself to be good @ what he does. I knew since we got together that CS is in his blood. He has worked hard, his effort is commendable. He deserved what he got, and am proud of him. :)

I believe I did good too, though of course everything is pro-rated. Am contented where I am now, really. Have jumped shipped too many times. Getting a little tired of moving ard, learning and getting to know people. Guess this is where I belong for now. Not exactly the best place to be... but is there a best place anyway?

In life, we just have be less fussy, more genuine, more patient, work smart...and we will slowly learn to be contented. Life ain't all about the rat race... there's so much more to enjoy... =)