and........the long weekend is coming to a close

Love long weekends. It means more time to nua at home, and also to catch up on things I never get to do on a normal workday.

Friday saw me meeting up with Addy. We haven't had our "sip kopi and talk about anything under the sun " sessions since the longest time. Used to do that so very often... not until our work and personal lives got the better of us. Well, that being history, was glad to meet up with her. We talked about her prep for her wedding... and her pending home reno. :) Brought back such fond memories.... and I REALLY WISH i could have my wedding again! Select THE GOWN... renovate my home blah blah blah. I love weddings... and I cannot have enuff of it! You must be thinking I have gone nutty! Well... i think I am! Hahahaha!

Saturday and Sunday.... nothing eventful. Just the usual cleaning and washing... which I am kinda sick of. Oh... and.... there was a 3 day long battle with the Ants Contingent. Yes! They are back... and they seem to be everywhere.... including my bed and bathroom! I reckon this time, I will surrender. Too exhuasting to keep following them... and killing them one by one.

Oh.... did some work too.... cos i wun be the office for the next two days (MIL's going for op) .. so have to complete some unfinished work.... so projects can proceed.

That's about how exciting my weekend was.

I know.... my taipei update is not complete.... will that tmr lah!