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and........the long weekend is coming to a close

Love long weekends. It means more time to nua at home, and also to catch up on things I never get to do on a normal workday. Friday saw me meeting up with Addy. We haven't had our "sip kopi and talk about anything under the sun " sessions since the longest time. Used to do that so very often... not until our work and personal lives got the better of us. Well, that being history, was glad to meet up with her. We talked about her prep for her wedding... and her pending home reno. :) Brought back such fond memories.... and I REALLY WISH i could have my wedding again! Select THE GOWN... renovate my home blah blah blah. I love weddings... and I cannot have enuff of it! You must be thinking I have gone nutty! Well... i think I am! Hahahaha! Saturday and Sunday.... nothing eventful. Just the usual cleaning and washing... which I am kinda sick of. Oh... and.... there was a 3 day long battle with the Ants Contingent. Yes! They are back... and they seem to be everywhere.... includ


Both Hwa and myself received our bonus letters. Hwa did really well....bonus was very good, increment was super, and to top it all up, he got a promotion. In two years, he managed to prove himself to be good @ what he does. I knew since we got together that CS is in his blood. He has worked hard, his effort is commendable. He deserved what he got, and am proud of him. :) I believe I did good too, though of course everything is pro-rated. Am contented where I am now, really. Have jumped shipped too many times. Getting a little tired of moving ard, learning and getting to know people. Guess this is where I belong for now. Not exactly the best place to be... but is there a best place anyway? In life, we just have be less fussy, more genuine, more patient, work smart...and we will slowly learn to be contented. Life ain't all about the rat race... there's so much more to enjoy... =)

Taipei - Day 3 (with a teeny bit on Day 2)

Realised I missed out one pic on Jiu Fen.... and I just have to put it in. Handling the pics have taken up so much time.... so it is a MUST to put every pic I rearranged into my bloggie. See! That's how Jiu Fen looks like...... =) Here comes Day 3 proper. Plan A was to visit LeoFoo Village, an amusement park bigger and fun-ner than HK disneyland... or so we heard. Their current ambassador is none other than my fav JJ Lin! If he says it's good... then it has to be lah! Sigh....but guess wat??!!!! It would take us 2 hours to travel by train to LeoFoo! 2 friggin hours. That's like half the flight time from SG to TP! So we aborted Plan A. I was not in the mood for mountains and flowers (ie. Yang Ming Shan)... so Plan B was also out. That leaves us with Plan C for the morning --> Visit to Taipei Zoo. An apparent MUST for Hwa whenever we are on holiday. Hmmmmm.... maybe... he was a ZOOLOGISt in his past life! Hee Hee! Well.... The Taipei Zoo is HUGE! We walked around for ab

Taipei - Day 2

Got up about 9am. Planned to visit Jiu Fen Old Street in the morning. Hwa heard about it from his colleagues, and kept telling me he wanna go. I wanted to book two tickets on the "Taiwan Tour Bus" which will take us on a half day tour, not only to Jiu Fen, but also other neighbouring coastal area. Hwa was not for it, as it will cost us NT1000 each (which is about S$50). So, we decided to find out own way there via the Taipei Railway Trains. Right: That's me! All ready to go. The train tickets cost us NT 58 each, and the ride took about 1 hour to reach the Ruei Fang Station. From Ruei Fang, we still had to take a public bus up the hill to Jiu Fen. The journey up the hill was like driving up to Genting, just that it's altitude is not as high. Oh... public bus... cheap cheap. Only NT22 per pax. That's like S$1... The scenery up to Jiu Fen was breathtaking. Was quite taken in by it. Maybe coz we dun quite see this in S'pore. :) Above: Ain't it beautiful By t

Taipei - Day 1

It's 10 Mar. After waiting for 2 months... it finally time for our holiday to Taipei. :) Flight's @ 1300hr, but both Hwa and I were up pretty early. By 0930hr, we were all dressed up and ready to go. It was a tad early though. Sat around at home, channel surfed... and Hwa got a little restless. Might as well, go to the airport earlier then. This way, we wun need to join the long queue for check in, and then we can zoom into the departure area, to ave breakie.... and maybe event shop!!! I am actually eyeing a new lesportsac sling bag. And... the airport usu. have discounts of up to 50%! So exciting! Haha! Off we the airport @ 1000hr. 1030hr: The check-in counter was already open. No queue! Great! Quickly checked in our lugguges... and swish into the departure hall for a light snack. Peanut butter and Kaya toast! Never knew Toast Box has such nice Teh. I know their coffee is quite sucky... but the Teh was just rite. :) After our snack.... we started to head for the sh

Home Sweet Home...

I'm Back! Glad to be back on familiar ground. :) The usual question at this juncture would be, " So... how was your holiday?" I wouldn't say it was super fab. Could be better though. It was a tad gloomy... the weather i mean. And... perhaps Hwa and I had a very tiring week prior to our trip. So... we were not actively thinking nor planning to make the holiday a perfect one. We actually only sat down together at 11.30pm, the night before the trip to go through which places we should visit! Haha! The discussion did not last more than 15 min. So, this tells you how much thought was put into planning out 5 days in Taipei. This is not to say, the break was horrible either. I appreciate time away from home. Spending quality time Hwa alone, and just simply not having to use my brains at all was really priority for the trip. 2008 hasn't been kind to us, with hwa taking on a new role, and me getting projects, which requires us to be hard at work till 9pm everynight. This d

It's finally over...time to Relax

The event which I was overseeing, finally ended. The VIPs came, and they left. They were pleased as I was told, which means I did good. I knew I did well.... in fact, this was probably my best organised event. The curtains were drawn over two months of hard work. After many months of what I felt was sitting ard and doing nothing, I seem to have found the satisfaction I was looking for. Despite that.... I guess being the staff of my boss.... no matter how hard I worked... the guests will only think it is her doing. And that is what irks me. Over the two months, she hardly lifted a finger to help. During the 3 days, the guests were here... all she did was scream at us. So, my work involved more than just putting together a good show.... and also managing HER. And no rewards for guessing..... praises were only reserved for her. Oh well! It happens all the time... and I have taken it in my stride. Now that it is all over, time for me to relax, lift my feet.... and enjoy my taipei trip! :)