A super delayed V-day post

V-day to me holds special meaning as it marks the 5th year since Hwa and me started out pak-toring. Cheesy and cliche as it sounds.... but years back.... it was probably the only time of the year that he plucked enuff courage to send me home from work.... haha! Those were the days.

Looking back over the 5 years, though this day meant something to us, i do not recall us celebrating V-day at all. So this year wasn't going to be any different. Moreover, Hwa has been really tied up at work, training the newbies.... and it seems like his life isn't very easy as a trainer. So.... if I even get to have dinner with him would be a huge plus.

Well.... anyway.... we did. He made sure he left early, to have din din with me. Appreciated that effort.

As for me.... i had no clue what to get for him.... and we are not big on buying gifts for each other, esp since i already got him a mont blanc wallet late last year.

So,.. decided to get something simple for the fun of it. Prior to V-day.... i left little gifts on his pillow.... to surprsie him... and make his day...

It started with a battery operated toothbrush since he hates brushing his teeth..... haha!

Then.... it was a cute happy house hippo... which we affectionately call Hee-Poo. Well.... Hwa was called hippo when he was in primary school because of his size then..... (u can guess how "huge" he was!)

.And...to end off.... what else can touch someone's heart.... but a self written card....:)