Looking forward to the weekend...

One more work day, and the week will be over. That brings us closer to CNY...Yippe Yay!

CNY isn't really my favourite holiday of the year. But, anything to keep me away from work is welcomed with open arms.

I am actually quite excited about doing up the house, and inviting people over. At least it is something that does not involve me facing those dagger throwing people in the office. Why can't human relationships be less complicated than it is. Why can't people treat others with genuinity instead of second guessing intentions. Maybe there are simply not ill intentions? Oh well.

Not everyone is out there with the goal of outdoing one other. There are the really sincere ones who are just looking to make a decent living, and putting their best foot forward to improve things.

Anyway.... anyone knows how to get rid of ants? Their appearence seems to be seasonal at my place. I've always been very particular about the cleanliness @ myhouse... and I absolutely hate the sight of ants..... So you can imagine the extra care I put in to make sure my place is spick and span.... SO WHERE DID ALL THESE IRRITATING PESTS COME FROM!!! URGH!

It's 12.29am now. Hwa is still hard at work. Since he took on his new role as a trainer... He haven had a restful night. *shakes head*. My eyelids are really heavy... dun think i can wait for him tp get to bed....

Good Nite.