A boring day

The CNY is over. It is back to work once again.

Guess everyone else is like me.... still dreamy... and in the Holiday mood.

I was just beginning to enjoy waking as and when I felt like it.... and sloughing on the couch....watching TV the whole day! Sounds like a total sloth rite! Wahaahahaa! But good things will always come to an end.....:(

The streets still looked dead.... there were more than enuff seats on the MRT....emails sent out came back with out of office replies. People are NOT working.... why am I working then! Bleah!

Anyway.... like what Bunster said...." It's the year of the golden rat..... the year has bearly started.... but the rat race already has!" How apt! But..... i wasn't even thinking of racing! Guess that's just the way society works then. Yawn! I hope for a bettter tomorrow....tho i am not really looking forward!