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A super delayed V-day post

V-day to me holds special meaning as it marks the 5th year since Hwa and me started out pak-toring. Cheesy and cliche as it sounds.... but years back.... it was probably the only time of the year that he plucked enuff courage to send me home from work.... haha! Those were the days. Looking back over the 5 years, though this day meant something to us, i do not recall us celebrating V-day at all. So this year wasn't going to be any different. Moreover, Hwa has been really tied up at work, training the newbies.... and it seems like his life isn't very easy as a trainer. So.... if I even get to have dinner with him would be a huge plus. Well.... anyway.... we did. He made sure he left early, to have din din with me. Appreciated that effort. As for me.... i had no clue what to get for him.... and we are not big on buying gifts for each other, esp since i already got him a mont blanc wallet late last year. So,.. decided to get something simple for the fun of it. Prior to V-day.... i

A boring day

The CNY is over. It is back to work once again. Guess everyone else is like me.... still dreamy... and in the Holiday mood. I was just beginning to enjoy waking as and when I felt like it.... and sloughing on the couch....watching TV the whole day! Sounds like a total sloth rite! Wahaahahaa! But good things will always come to an end.....:( The streets still looked dead.... there were more than enuff seats on the MRT....emails sent out came back with out of office replies. People are NOT working.... why am I working then! Bleah! Anyway.... like what Bunster said...." It's the year of the golden rat..... the year has bearly started.... but the rat race already has!" How apt! But..... i wasn't even thinking of racing! Guess that's just the way society works then. Yawn! I hope for a bettter tomorrow....tho i am not really looking forward!


Xin1 li3 you3 hua4, shou1 bu4 chu1 kou3. There isn't really much to do when we knew this would happen sooner or later. Who can I blame? But I dun noe how long more I can tolerate. And no one seems to hear me.


Anyone who has beem to Jurong Point lately will realise that the place is always packed with people. So much so that moving around becomes a chore. I felt like the whole world was spinning when i walked through the mall. Sometimes, it is a wonder where all these people come from. And is there really so much things to see at Jurong Point. If not for the fact that my mum stays at Jurong.... I would not have chosen to live here. Sometimes, I even feel like my privacy has been invaded, and i refer to a particular incident this afternoon. Hwa and I were queuing at the ezlink top-up machine @ Boon Lay MRT. When it was our turn, a man, of a different nationality came up close behind. He started peering into our screen, earnestly looking at our transaction. I have no issues helping if he does not know how to use to the machine. We will be more than glad to explain. But for him to keep poking his head between us, and looking at us , even when Hwa was keying in his NETS pin number was plain rude

Ah Beng @ work


Looking forward to the weekend...

One more work day, and the week will be over. That brings us closer to CNY...Yippe Yay! CNY isn't really my favourite holiday of the year. But, anything to keep me away from work is welcomed with open arms. I am actually quite excited about doing up the house, and inviting people over. At least it is something that does not involve me facing those dagger throwing people in the office. Why can't human relationships be less complicated than it is. Why can't people treat others with genuinity instead of second guessing intentions. Maybe there are simply not ill intentions? Oh well. Not everyone is out there with the goal of outdoing one other. There are the really sincere ones who are just looking to make a decent living, and putting their best foot forward to improve things. Anyway.... anyone knows how to get rid of ants? Their appearence seems to be seasonal at my place. I've always been very particular about the cleanliness @ myhouse... and I absolutely hate the sight