Why does time pass so slowly…

Last week was bad. Though there were tonnes to do, time seemed to take forever to pass. I checked the clock very few minutes, hoping that it was time to go home. It didn’t make time go by any quicker.

The week was sooooo LONG.

Was hoping that this week will be better….NO LOR! My Monday was horrible. Did not get much work done in the morning. Looked through the same document like 5 or 6 times… and still din do anything. Boss is not around… still in Hong Kong… but she is already terrorizing us…with funny , “do-it-now” requests… when it is not important at all. And…. So what if we do it now?! She is NOT here to see it! Faint!

Then, I have like 5 meetings to attend from Wed to Fri, with my boss…. So not looking forward to it…PLEASE Tell me how to make this week bearable?

I so wanna get my butt to do something and make a difference… but how? No motivation… no drive…. Then the question comes up of whether this job is for me. Yes.. I am learning a lot of things… and the projects are actually quite interesting. And… what’s more…. The focus of the company this year is what I am doing.

BUT… the thing is, my boss doesn’t help me very much… and she is irritating, as most of you already know. Value-adding to her does not get to eyes and ears of the CEO… then what’s the use of value adding.

Moreover, I work on a normal office hour…. 9 to 6pm. I dun mind staying back to help out and do work if I have not finished any urgent stuff. But just becoz she works a “different shift” aka comes in late all the time…. Does not mean I have to work her shift rite?

I hate it when I already made plans for the evening… and have to cancel it coz when I am about to step out of the office…. And she has some impt document to complete which means I have to stay back and help her till she says it’s good.

Am I supposed to be at her beck and call? No rite? It is not in my employment contract lei. And it sucks having to be woken up at 2-3am in the morning with her constant smses on tasks to do for the next day. If she has insomia … that is not my problem rite? Sucks! And becos of her style of working… people around me starts getting angsty and negative… and it makes going to work far worst than it should be. Everyday… there will be at least one colleague pissed with her… and the mood starts to get all gloomy… I need more happy people around me… really… the feeling of going to office feeling like it is going to be a good day does not seem to apply here. I need more positive energy and not negativity…coz I am not like that! I hate it when I get all sucked into I really really miss the MBians BIG TIME! Frigging sian!

Then… if I were to leave now…. The whole cycle of starting afresh, getting to know the people… building a rapport with internal departments have to be done all over again. It is tiring. I am not dying to get out…. Not that things are so bad that if I dun get out, I will die. But… a change will be good. On the other… I cannot be selfish as well. I keep job-hopping … and I lose out a lot in terms of bonus and all, which could actually contribute to my commitments. I have bills to pay… and need to settle in my job fast… and not hop around every time I get upset. Sometimes… It is a matter of how we look at things. Being positive with a warm personality (in the words of my big boss) very often wins the hearts of people around us. At our expense I guess…. Aiyah… dun even know what I am going on about.


When can I find the drive I used to have? Or am I just sick of working already?

Oh well....

Some random piccies...

My shoe collection... just packed the shoe cabinet.... and... that's not all! :P


  1. Anonymous3:34 pm

    hey your boss ... is mad. i'd ignore smses coming in at 2am (unless the boss is somewhere in US or Europe), i'll remember to write that down in appraisal for his/her improvement.

    sorry to hear that you've got doubts about the job... cheer up, and let's have plans to go beach resort again!

    ps: check out my blog... hee.

  2. Anonymous6:12 pm

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