Strawberry Shortcake

Had my favourite Strawberry Shortcake from coffee club today.

While savouring the sweetness of the thick white cream, it brought back memories of the occasional evening indulges I had with S 2 years back.

On days when we had a hard day , we would treat ourselves to the chilled coffee and delectable desserts @ coffee club. Those were the days.

S & B2 remained close to me since i knew them in 2005, B2 would always say S & I were so much closer compared to with her.

Then, all of a sudden, just before I came to this new job... she stopped picking up my calls, i even witnessed her ignoring my call..... i think B2 mentioned this in her blog sometime back.

I never knew why until now.....the great vine says S is angry with me for taking the credit from her.... for what she did back in S_ _ _ A.

Crap! A whole load of bullshit! We were not even in the same dept, and were of a different level. Why would I do that? And as a friend, shud she not have had more trust in me, than to believe what she hears? Shudn't she just come to me and have things clarified instead of avoiding me whenever she sees me along the streets these days?

S.... Grow up please!

All these while, i refrained from talking about S on my blog... as i did not want people to read too much into it. But since, S chooses to be like this.... then maybe this friendship means nothing to her at all. So... it's time to close this chapter..... and she will be just a passerby who works in an office near me.


  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    WTF?!Anyway..update when we meet next week. miss me ya? =P



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