Happy Anniversary.... & Have a GREAT 2008!

Yup! It was my 1st wedding anniversary on Sunday. But, dun asked me how Hwa and I celebrated it. Hwa has never been a really romantic person and often needs prompting from me. So…. Since I did not hint nor prompted him… then there really wasn’t anything I could expect. In any case, with all the festivities… everywhere’s crowded, and I realise I am beginning to hate crowds.

Hate the bumping into each other… the looking for a carpark lot… the queuing for a restaurant table etc. So sometimes, the peace and quiet at home is more inviting. Well… though I would say… some flowers would have been nice?! Haha!

Attended the “SAFRA Party of Year” last Saturday, which was SAFRA’s year end and final party of the year @ St James Powerhouse. This will probably be the last SAFRA party I will attend as well. Although the ex-MBians were there with me, I just felt weird. Not comfortable at all. There were familiar faces…yet, I feel so strange. Like I do not belong. That is probably the fact. I’m never a BIG party and drinking kind of gal… but I can be if I want to. Guess it is the people who makes the party good. It felt so different when I was part of the organizing committee. Anyway… dun think there is anyone left to support for the next party. :P

It’s been close to 5 months since I left SAFRA. I still cannot be sure if leaving was the right thing to do. Every decision made comes with a certain degree of risk, which also means giving up some things that mean a lot to us.

I do not regret leaving. But when people from SAFRA ask me how I am doing in my present company… I never give a direct answer. And these people KNOW that I ain’t happy. They can tell. And very often, they would ask me to consider going back. There is no denying that the thought did come acorss my mind. But, when I look back, and realise that they were not able to give me what I wanted.... and how things turned ugly... the decision made then was the right one.

Sometimes, I choose to believe that where ever we go, we will meet the same kind of people... to a certain extent, there is never a PERFECT place to work at. Somehow, be it the boss, or the job scope, or the senior management.... there will be something that pisses us off so very often.

So... why can't we just be positive to face whatever that comes our way. No point feeling angry with the people in the office, finding reasons for why things are not going our way. Maybe, if we get rid of that little bit of negativity.... we will be happier. I believe, it is our attitude in life that makes us who we are and determines how well we do in our job.

It is 1 Jan 2008. I am not big on making resolutions, cos I never like to be reminded of things which I have to do. I just wanna welcome the brand new year with a smile on my face, everyday... and just be happy. Treat myself better... and spread love to the people who matter most to me. :)

Happy New Year everyone... and thanks to the girlies who stood by me all these years... and of coz my family + HWA lah!