Time flies...


What a way to start my entry yah?!

Well.... the weekend just flew by like that.... and so not loooking forward to the week aheadlor.

Have not rested enuff... and I am on standay everyday this coming week for a few concurrent projects.... and i think it is going to a real hell!

Hiah! Be prepared to work really late man! I usually won't mind working late... but then... Hwa is on his block leave from tmr. I can't take leave to keep him company.... but the least I cud do is to get off work on time to spend evenings with him. But... but... looks like I can;t now. It is really not helping when I have to fly to macau over his bday week for work.

:( HIAH.....

Anyway.... time really flies. Attended a prayer session this morning for Grandma's 1st death anniversary. It seems like not long back that I attended her funeral. I recalled when she passed away.... the whole family was still not aware of it, coz i was calling everyone to tell them I was going to deliver wedding cakes to them. When i called the last uncle.... then I was told of her passing. Now.... it's been a year already.

I'm also a year older.... and married for almost a year too..... soon... I will be 30, and there will be no looking back.

I am OLD! Will time just stop here....? Please?!!