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I was given the "All Clear"

The doctor told me today.... that I am all clear. The fear and worry I has the past three weeks can finally be put to rest. Well.... 3 weeks back, I was asked to go for a medical examination when i bought more life insurance policies. Reason was, I have family history of a common female cancer. That medical examination made me a huge suspect of the female cancer my mum had. But the doctor cud not be 100% sure. So, she told me to return in 2 to 3 weeks time for another examination. Well.... guess now... given the all clear.... the rest is history. But... this sure makes me more aware and careful in trying to prevent the illness.

Time flies...

Sigh.... What a way to start my entry yah?! Well.... the weekend just flew by like that.... and so not loooking forward to the week aheadlor. Have not rested enuff... and I am on standay everyday this coming week for a few concurrent projects.... and i think it is going to a real hell! Hiah! Be prepared to work really late man! I usually won't mind working late... but then... Hwa is on his block leave from tmr. I can't take leave to keep him company.... but the least I cud do is to get off work on time to spend evenings with him. But... but... looks like I can;t now. It is really not helping when I have to fly to macau over his bday week for work. :( HIAH..... Anyway.... time really flies. Attended a prayer session this morning for Grandma's 1st death anniversary. It seems like not long back that I attended her funeral. I recalled when she passed away.... the whole family was still not aware of it, coz i was calling everyone to tell them I was going to deliver wedding cak