Do you guys believe in luck? What exactly is luck in the first place?

I reckon everyone has their own definition of luck.

Striking consolation prize in 4D may be luck to some. But to the hardcore followers of 4D, it may mean nothing at all.

Picking up a 20 cent coin along the road may be luck to others, but to majority... what is 20 cents after all?!

Luck may be being able to see a rainbow when the rain has stopped, but to some, what's a rainbow. Nothing.

Maybe I have no expectations . Simple things like being asked to go to Macau for work is luck to me. I could have been the one to stay back in the office.

This year's Cust. & Brand advocacy conference was supposed to be in either S'pore or Paris. And I will have to attend this conference every year... since it is my job to drive loyalty. Incidentally, the dates overlap those that I am supposed to be in Macau. And.... guess where they finally decide to have the conference? SINGAPORE! Now, that's luck! I wouldn't feel upset at all not being able to attend the whole conference. Maybe next year, it will really be in Paris!

Having met and married Hwa is luck? Yeah.... i would think so.

So what's your definition?

Quote of the week: "You are not my friend, You're just my colleague"
This spells exactly how I feel towards some people at work.