I miss my Husband!

Urghh..... hate to be saying this... but... YES... i miss Hwa!

Weekend's are so boring without him.

Anyway.... finally got him his birthday prezzie. Was thinking of putting him tru a treasure hunt for his prezzie on his b'day... since it happens to be during my work trip to Macau. Wanted to keeo him busy during my absence.... But then, decided against it. Will give it to him tmr instead. Can't wait!

Here's what I got for him..... guess what's in there?

I think this is first time I am buying such a branded and expensive gift for Hwa (other than his PSP lah). Think he deserves a little treat from me... for being so patient with me at times... and also standing by me whatever the situation is.
Hope he will like it!


  1. Anonymous10:00 am

    then how could ur wkend be boring when u have me?!


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