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Hwa just commented that I haven't been updating my blog, for a good one month. I guess he is one of my biggest fans. But what i really cannot stand about him is when he comes home teasing me about the contents on my blog. On the other hand, i guess this is also where he finds out my feelings about things which I dun talk to him about. Oh well!
I haven't been updating, not because there is nothing much to blog.... but just that there is too many things on my mind that I dun know how and where to start.

Work has been peaceful as usual. Everything's still progressing pretty slowly. Though my scope is pretty much similar to that in S _ _ _ A, it is tougher in where I am now. This is mainly due to the nature of the business. But then that is probably where the challenge is. The other MAJOR challenge is also dealing with the fact that my bosses have little or maybe even no idea how to bring this scope to the next level. It's really hard.... trying to think ofthe different proposals... but no approvals, coz they dun even know if it is a good thing to do or not. Preserverance is the key at this point. One thing I know for sure is.... I haven't been looking tired for a long time. I remember when in S _ _ _ A, i always walk into the office looking like I haven't slept in days. Now... I am definitely fresher! And Karen commented I look slimmer! Yippee! So that's the good in the change. I'm contented to say the least.

Home front..... nothing much either, cept that BIL will be leaving for China soon. I think MIL and Hwa are both starting to feel the lost. Well.... looking on the bright side, it is definitely going to be a good exposure for him. Not everyone gets such opportunities. And, maybe while being away for the next two years alone... he will learn to be able look after himself... and start being a little neater. Hee Hee! Just worried for MIL.... she's really attached to BIL. She will be missing him for a long time. I guess I have been tru it once when I went to Perth. Being away from the people who have been the closest to you is never easy. What more..... BIL & Hwa are all that MIL have...her prized "possessions"!

Mum & Dad are ok too.... Oh.. and BRO... happie for him... coz he has found a new love. And it have been a long long time since I have seen him genuinely happie. And what makes me even more elated is that my whole family likes his new love too! So.. i guess she is a rare find. Hope things fall into place for Bro... and I can stop worrying about him. Sounds like I am the older eh... haha!

Ok... these are really boring stuff. I know. Ok... pics for everyone...

@ Vincent & Addy's ROM - 150907

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Ng! My galfren Addy has finally tied the knot, after years of being skeptical about marriage. Saw the two of them got together back in Perth. It's been 6 years since.

One of my LOVES! DONUTS! Ok... I am not into donuts becoz the whole world is. Ask my mum and you will know... I have always loved donuts since I was a little girl. When I followed mum to Philippines, I will always make sure I have my fair share of Dunkin Donuts. So, without fail, mum will always bring me there for breakfast or tea. My trips to Bangkok with Hwa will also see me searching for Mister Donut or Dunkin Donuts. So with the donut craze in Singapore, it doesn't get me all fired up. It is really no big deal. I will not be seen queuing for hours just for a piece of donut. In fact, till now, I have not tried anything from The Donut Factory. But..... these from Munchy Donut is something I cannot resist, esp the oreo ones (the black ones in the first pic above). Hwa chanced upon it when his colleagues offered him one. And he just knew I will fall in love with it. And true enuff... i can't get enuff of it! It is more than good... esp when it is piping hot! Go to their webby:

Ok... nuff said... and I promise I will have more interesting posts. No more boring stuff liao! Byes for now!


  1. I'm a follower of ur blog too ok! So kindly update more regularly pls. *muack*


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