A Peaceful Week

Managed to score a few firsts this week.

As you all probably already know, this week marks my first week at my new working place.
First day was fine…. Not WOW…. Basically cos my boss is still on MC…. for another good 3 weeks. She only left me some files to read… hoping I can get by the next 3 weeks without feeling bored! Oh well! But…. There really isn’t many files to go through lor….cos my job function is a brand new one. Nothing much has been done till date…. so I spent the rest of the week working…AND RE-working my proposal on what I hope to achieve in this position. Haha! Thank goodness for inputs from some more senior colleagues… I was able to produce a “meaty” plan… well… at least it looks “meaty” to me lah! Friday was so much better, coz Big Boss started to tell me the other stuff i am expected to follow-up with.... so i will be busy from next week. Yay! Finally!

Colleagues are fine as well….. Not WOW too…. Not the over chatty species found in the M’ship Office @ S_ _ _A…Neither are they the over-friendly type. Which… I am actually quite alright with. Appreciate the peace and quiet in the office…. Tho I do miss the music coming from the cubicle in front of me….. ;P (Joe if you ever read this… yes… I am referring to you!). Colleagues are probably quite different from me. Or rather….I THINK I AM different from them.. I am not the cheese and wine kind…neither am I the kind that hangs out at restaurants on weekends to chill, tho I wud love to indulge once in a while. It’s personal preference lah! Or maybe, it is the “I AM NEW SYNDROME” as diagnosed by Dr. Bunster Lim.

Hmmm……. Probably will take some time for me to blend in. Don’t remember feeling this way when I first joined S_ _ _A. Hmmm….alas…. I am a gemini…. so shud not be too much of a problem yah!

Colleagues brought me to some restaurants during lunch this week. I never knew CBD had so many small yet good restaurants. One being Sweet Indulgence, at Stanley Street I think. Somewhere in between Cecil Street and Amoy Street Food Centre. It is in one of those quaint looking shophouses. Food served is a bit of Italian…& a bit of…ermm… dun know lah. Service was very good... and the food was even better. I ordered the lunch set, with Carbonara as my main course. It was lip-smacking-ly good! They had the right mix of egg and milk in their sauce. Yum! They served spinach soup, which was my first time trying as well. Never knew spinach tasted that good too! Dessert was delectable too! Definitely wanna bring Hwa there to try!

The very next day, we had lunch at this Italian restuarant at Lau Pa Sat.... Etna. Well.... i was not too impressed with their service. Their pizzas are authentic Italian. Worth a try... tasty... fresh..... esp the mushroom ones. What I liked about their restaurant was their decor.... it felt like I was bought into an Italian kitchen.... even their crockery are custom made. Anyway.... UOB is running a 1-for-1 promo on their pizzas. So it is really great value for $$$$$. :)

Ok.... enuff about food.

This week, I went for my first Pilates class too. Enjoyed it. But think B2 thought otherwise. Well... I will definitely go for it again. I would prefer pilates to cardio work outs.... But.. will still go Kick Boxing with B2. We are supposed to spur each other on yah! Haha!

In general… everything seems to be moving slower than what I have been used to this week, though I admit it has been quite fruitful.

Maybe HE is trying to tell me to go slow… and smell the roses ard me.

Oh well.....

I realise I still have a lot of photos to load.... will do that soon...


  1. Anonymous5:38 pm

    B1!Gogogogo!!Kickboxing class here we come!!



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