The King & I... and my latest craze

The show was a blast. Enjoyed every bit of it, especially the costumes. The traditional Thai ones were so intricately made which brought out true Thai flavour of the show.

***Sings*** “Getting to know you… getting to know all about u… getting to like you… getting to like what I see….Haven’t you noticed… lalalalal lala lala…. “

Hiah! I so wanna watch it again. If it ever comes to Singapore again. Dunno when that’ll be.

The humour injected into the show, made every minute watching it even more delightful.

Guess the only down side was…. Cheapo me… din wanna spend too much on the tickets. So took the $40 ones which had restricted view. So I was straining my neck and back just to see what’s going on. This is the first time I am watching a musical like this. This teaches me never to compromise just because I wanted to cheaper seat. Hee Hee!

In any case, the show was GOOD!

Was out with Bestie last Saturday. Went to LV, Gucci, Coach, Miu Miu, Celine and whatever other brands there is at Takashimaya & Paragon to check out some stuff. Fell in love with 2 Gucci bags and 1 Coach Bag… and a Montblanc cardholder. Yummy! Might get Bestie to buy the Gucci bag from France when she goes there next for her work trip. It will save me at least a good $90 on the bag. Hmm…. But heart pain lei! But then again… I can’t resist! It’s ok…. Shall limit to one item per year… yah?! Haha!

Oh… look what Bestie got for me from Paris during her last trip. Milk chocolate filled with pralines. UUmmmm……….. heavenly. So sweet… in heart shaped box somemore. Ha ha! Awwww!