The Final Count Down...

Friday's my last day at S_ _ _A.

Been staying back to finish up all outstanding work.

It is only when one is leaving, that one realises how many things we have done and acheived during our stay with the company.

Stuff which seems so trivial, becomes important to pass on to the next person. This proves how comfortable I was, that every task comes like a breeze to me. :)
Having mixed feelings about leaving. I know I will miss the people, as much as frustrations kick in once in a while due to the various reasons we all already know (esp. to those who follow my blog). But work here has been quite stagnant.... not been learning much... and no motivation AT ALL... So...guess a change is really what I need. Something to get me sit up and BE interested again.
Challenges are coming up at my new place.... but dun know how I can take it... coz i BADLY need a break. The idea of having to start a brand new job right after leaving the old one is not exactly my way to a new start. Not much of a choice I guess.

----> Look at my junk which I have to bring home...and... that's not all!


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Yeah! Gone were the days of no life in S****!!! Hurray to FREEDOM! =) Love you deep deep!


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