The day started at 7.30am, where I made my way to the ICA building to collect my new biometric passport.

Was expecting a crowd since it is their usual peak period.... however, what greeted me was, snakes of people.... queuing JUST to get into the building. It took a good 10 to 15 minutes before i set foot in the building. Haven't been to the immigration place for ages.... but the last time I was there.... I dun recall having such strict controls on how people enter and leave the building. The senario was exactly like how it was featured on The Straits Times last week.

Anyway, once inside, I mentally prepared myself for a long wait. But guess what..... I was served in 10min, despite the fact that when I got the queue number, there were close to 70 peops in queue.

Counter ladies were working their hearts out... and what makes all these happen is probably a carefully thought through service process. Kudos to everyone at ICA & Immigrations.

They truly showed people what efficiency meant.... well, at least to me lah! Being from a service background, where service delivery at the shortest and most efficient way is a KPI, I have learnt to appreciate good service when I see it.