And I thought I was done with it!

Road shows. Deployments. That’s what I am talking about.

And I thought, after I said my good byes, I will not be involved again. I cannot be more wrong!

Hiah…. It’s my life. What more can I say?

Anyway… I am going talk about food… Oh Glorious Food!

Went to Ethan’s for lunch on monday afternoon. It is a sausage place at the basement of Chevron’s House (former Caltex House).

Their sausages are HUGE… and Juicy too! We tried 5 different kinds… the cheesy chicken, the normal pork one, the cheesy pork one, the spicy Italian one… and the Beer Bratwurst (did I get the spelling right?). I like the beer one. Not too salty, and the taste of beer gives the sausage a little bitterness. Makes you salivate and wanting ask for more.

We ordered the rosti too. A little on the oily side. But what’s a little oil yah?! Good food is hard to come by. Enjoy while we can! Esp for a sausage lover like me. Hee!

Ohh… guess what I found out? My replacement at S_ _ _A is an Assistant Manager. And apparently, the person has no relevant experience in the scope of work. (Well… truth is, I knew about it on my last day).

I guess the question on most people’s minds is…Why is it that they refused to promote me…. no matter how great they say I am, but are willing to get a brand new person in, who is not familiar with the organisation to do my job… and offered a higher position? Most likely at a much higher pay too! And… she is not as FUN like me! ** Bleah** They tell me things like, I am still young, and promotion will definitely come, only after another year or two. So what is it exactly that puts me at a disadvantage! Such load of bullcrap!

Not going to go on ranting. I am over it… really… though when I found out…. I cannot help feeling upset. But, looking at where I am now…. though not exactly perfect. I am happy and most importantly, contented. That's what life is supposed to be. :)

I have managed to squeeze in quite a bit of ME time during the past 2 weeks which I was unable to do so for so long. I not feeling tired every single day any more. I can start going for my mani and pedi on a regular basis, and spend time with me and myself only. And.. I can catch up with my girlies whom I have neglected all these years. And also spending more time with Hwa….

Life should not be about getting angry with things around us. We should really make the most out of it. If we cannot change things. then we should adjust ourselves, and make ourselves happy. Enjoy the simple pleasures that the world has to offer. Sitting alone by the river or at Starbucks, people watch... or even reading a book, can be very fulfiling for the soul.

Meeting Bestie tmr.... yipee! Been such a long time since we met up...... Well, we are supposed to embark on a mission - " Mission One.Six.11" You go figure... :)


  1. S___A is not known as a place for promoting people. Anyway, you've moved on, good for you meanie ;)

  2. Hey WC!

    Yup... I have moved on. Though work is tough now... but looking back... it is far worst @ S___A. :)

    Catch up really soon yah!


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