ProCreation - PART 2

A colleague who is on maternity leave came back to visit with some cakes for her baby's one-month.

Had a little chat about her "ordeal". Started to have second thoughts about having kids. Yeah Yeah.... it is one of those times again where stories scare the hell out of me!

..... Her water bag burst early in the morning, and she had enough time to take a shower before checking herself into the hospital. Advice from new mothers:- take a shower when u can... otherwise it is NO BATHING at all during confinement.

She happily checked herself into hospital... and the wait begun. After 10 hours... she haven't had contractions nor dilations..... OK... the wait continued. 15 hours later, still nothing. Finally.... after 1 whole day... she threw in the towel and opted for a ceasarian or is it c-section..... hmmm watever, i think u guys get the drift.

She was telling me the part where they administered the anesthetic. She felt her back cramping...and losing the feel at her bottom half akin to feeling paralysed..... I mean... how scary is that....

And that's not all! Having the top half concious, means she knows what was going on in the delivery room. She could see the nurses and doctors walking around.... trying to deliver her baby. Thank goodness the whole process of getting baby out is less than 10 min. Cannot imagine the agony man!

Well... the bottomline is, I am quite freaked out by childbirth, and it is not really helping when everyone around me is rushing me to have kids.

Maybe it ain't all that bad....


  1. Stop listening about these stories - At the end of the day, the baby smiles, the baby first coos, and their first hug towards you- these moments are divine and definitely priceless and best of all, it's only meant for you.

    That's the part all mothers felt but fail/forgot to convey it well. Well, the heroic act of delivery always is a better story to tell... ha ha ha... who wants to listen to oh, my baby is so cute and everything is worth it story...

    Bring it on - Gynae, Midwives and procedures... dun distract you from the bigger picture of the gift of life.

    Hope to hear good news - whenever you are ready!

  2. Ha Ha!

    I had this feeling that you will definitely have some comments on my post! Hiak!

    I guess.... I must really experience it to fully appreciate the joys of being a Mummy!

    Sure want my kid to have such as cute friend like Myles too! Hee Hee!


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