Yet another day

For once...I am home from work early. Hiak Hiak... having the PC all to myself.

MIL is making Bak Chang now! The smell is spreading tru the house.... just makes me hungry. Have to wait for Master Lim to come home before i can sink my teeth into one.
Oh well...that leaves me here to update on what's been going on at work.

Word has it that it is official. Official that two of my team members will be leaving us for "greener pastures" within the organisation. We have been without a manager for the longest time. Now.... I have to face having 2 less people around. Can feel the heat rising. Already am starting to cover some of their duties. Cannot imagine when this transfer really takes effect. Really hope BB finds replacement for them not too optimistic tho... looking at the absence of my manager for more than a year now.

Stretching the rest of the team will only make us even more tired.... and more unwillingly to put in extra... sometimes, i so wanna find a hole to hide, where no one can find me! Ha Ha! Anyway... i will miss having the two of u in the team.... J &J...

17 June 2007

Was up since 7am.... off to work to giveaway movie tickets for the organisations' annivesary celebrations.

Was home @ about 3pm... and decided to go out to do bo liao things. We drove from home (Jurong) to marina south then to east coast. Sat by the beach.... watch the sunset..... and back to jurong, to give our baby a wash. :) That's my typical sunday.

That's me in the car acting cute...


Self professed Ah-pek in classic Ah-pek pose.

Lastly.... presenting our "baby" ... all clean.


  1. wah..congrats baby in ur family!! boy or gal?!!? hahaha... which model? :p


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