The sun was scorchingly hot today.... started the day with McD's big breakfast delivered right up to my doorstep. Been some time since i had a BiG Breakie meal.


Went to work.... to give away movie tickets... AGAIN. This is the second weekend in a row that I have to work.... and there will be a third next week.

But I do feel consoled that weeks like this will be numbered. Those who are close to me will know what I am referring to. Dun want to say too much at this point...

Anyway... while I am slogging away at work.... Hwa was out with prawning with his guy pals... Not that i envied them... esp in this weather. Just wished I had the choice to go prawning with them.

Just read an entry on one of my friend's blog. He mentioned that his colleague advised him to job hop while he is young. It is the best way to get ahead as well as to get your salary increased significantly. I do agree. If you do not move..... you will never know how much you are worth.

With this, I also recalled what my boss from StarHub said to me when I tendered 2 years back. He said..... if he was my age... he would have left the company long ago... to experience the diff working environment. The only reason why he is not encouraging me to do so... is coz he was my boss. :) Anyway.. i am glad I left Starhub . I wud have done it the same way if time turns back.

Just some random thoughts.....

Wanna catch some sleep.... going to shop for a new TV for mum....