The Letter

I have done the deed.

I submitted my resgination to BB. Waited for this day for some time. But, I came out feeling depressed.

I like this guy a lot.... as much as he is not a favourite with everyone, at least, he has my respect, and has been the best boss i ever had. I am not bullshitting. Yes.... he is difficult, and he is demanding. But, I have learnt to read his mood over the past 2 years.

It isn't the best time for me to go. I know. But, there is never a good time yah?

I appreciate the stuff that he has done for me.... and is intending to do for me. However, I know he has his limits too. He may be unwillingly to let me know.... but i know he will give me his blessings.

Work here has been tough.... but then again, I will miss this place a whole lot. The people especially. Never felt so attached to a workplace before.

Well.... better things (I hope) are waiting for me. So.... i should not let this affect me.

I know BB will be happy for me too!