Hwa’s down with the flu virus. Though I suspect it is due to the overdose of Bak Chang. Too “heaty” like what many aunties will say. How I wish I am in his shoes, so I can be back at home nua-ing.

Work today is not any better than yesterday. Getting impatient with people around me. I do not understand why some people have to keep yakking while working or when asked for something.

And it also baffles me why humans in general love to justify their own actions. I mean… when something goes wrong, the most immediate thing to do is rectify it rite? But why is there a need to keep justifying and point fingers. Is it really soooo difficult to stand out to say… “YES, I could have done it better, let’s fix it.”

And…. I also cannot stand…. when people are just so dependent on others to have simple things done… for goodness sake…. I am no “girl friday” you know. Even if I do know how to little admin things in the office… that’s coz I do it for survival, and NOT to do it for the rest of the friggin people. You know what I mean rite?! There are people employed to those things…. just that I HAPPEN TO KNOW. That’s all!

I am no saint….. neither am I perfect. But at least I know when to say the right things, and when not to ramble on non-stop.

Call me difficult and call me bitchy…. but really… so many other things can be done if people just talk less, blame less and start working. And I mean…. really WORKING!
I am so close to bursting.

Ok…. breathe is what I need to do now.

Hope Hwa gets well soon….