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Bangkok - 24 to 27 May 07

Been back from bangkok for over two weeks now. But have yet to upload any piccies or updated on my holiday. Well... it was one of the worst holidays I had. No... not because I went there with my mum & MIL.... but because, things seemed to go wrong from the very minute we landed in BKK.

Checked in to Ambassador Hotel (recommended by my colleague... coz of its proxmity to the BTS).... it was already 3 pm..... but they told us the rooms are not ready. Nvm.... we went out for a walk.... came back at 4 pm to only realise that rooms are STILL not ready. They decided to give us two other rooms......

When we told we can finally jump onto the bed and rest our tired feet..... we found that the rooms were dirty...... the shower was broken.. and the arm chairs had blood stains on them!!!! EEEWWW!

So.... me.... the bitchy one.... and a cleanliness freak..... stomped down to the reception to demand that we have the room changed! This is a far cry from my favourite Twin Tower hotel. If not for the convenience for our mothers.... i would have NEVER taken this hotel.

Anyway... they changed the rooms..... but the rooms are like from one end of the hotel to the other!!!!!!! What can i say! The bottomline here is....NEVER EVER stay at this hotel. It is exasperating.

That was not the end of our woes! After we settled into the "new" rooms.... we realised that someone tampered with the lock combination of our suitcase..... it was a brand new suitcase too!. In the end, we had to cut up the suitcase to get our stuff..... sigh...

See our poor suitcase....

What a way to start my long awaited holiday.

Well..... anyway.... here's some pics taken during the trip:


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