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Procreation means : Reproduction is the biological process by which new individual organisms are produced. Reproduction is a fundamental feature of all known life ; each individual organism exists as the result of reproduction ( ) ---------------------------------------------------- Met up with a girl fren last week, and we came to the topic of procreation. Well, as a newly wed, it is obvious people will start asking when Hwa and I will add a new life into the family. We started listing down the pros and cons of having kids. Yes... they bring us joy... and all... and i definitely wanna be a mommy sometime later. But then.... having kids comes with all kinds of worries as well.... When we're expecting, we worry if the foetus is healthy..... then we go tru all the morning sickness.... puking.... moods during the various trimesters. AND..... when we see ourselves putting on weight, we begin to worry how to lose it. Haha! Then comes to deliver

The Letter

I have done the deed. I submitted my resgination to BB. Waited for this day for some time. But, I came out feeling depressed. I like this guy a lot.... as much as he is not a favourite with everyone, at least, he has my respect, and has been the best boss i ever had. I am not bullshitting. Yes.... he is difficult, and he is demanding. But, I have learnt to read his mood over the past 2 years. It isn't the best time for me to go. I know. But, there is never a good time yah? I appreciate the stuff that he has done for me.... and is intending to do for me. However, I know he has his limits too. He may be unwillingly to let me know.... but i know he will give me his blessings. Work here has been tough.... but then again, I will miss this place a whole lot. The people especially. Never felt so attached to a workplace before. Well.... better things (I hope) are waiting for me. So.... i should not let this affect me. I know BB will be happy for me too!


The sun was scorchingly hot today.... started the day with McD's big breakfast delivered right up to my doorstep. Been some time since i had a BiG Breakie meal. Satisfied....:) Went to work.... to give away movie tickets... AGAIN. This is the second weekend in a row that I have to work.... and there will be a third next week. But I do feel consoled that weeks like this will be numbered. Those who are close to me will know what I am referring to. Dun want to say too much at this point... Anyway... while I am slogging away at work.... Hwa was out with prawning with his guy pals... Not that i envied them... esp in this weather. Just wished I had the choice to go prawning with them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just read an entry on one of my friend's blog. He mentioned that his colleague advised him to job hop while he is young. It is the best way to get ahead as well as to get your salary increased significantly.


Hwa’s down with the flu virus. Though I suspect it is due to the overdose of Bak Chang. Too “heaty” like what many aunties will say. How I wish I am in his shoes, so I can be back at home nua-ing. Work today is not any better than yesterday. Getting impatient with people around me. I do not understand why some people have to keep yakking while working or when asked for something. And it also baffles me why humans in general love to justify their own actions. I mean… when something goes wrong, the most immediate thing to do is rectify it rite? But why is there a need to keep justifying and point fingers. Is it really soooo difficult to stand out to say… “YES, I could have done it better, let’s fix it.” And…. I also cannot stand…. when people are just so dependent on others to have simple things done… for goodness sake…. I am no “girl friday” you know. Even if I do know how to little admin things in the office… that’s coz I do it for survival, and NOT to do it for the rest of the fri

Yet another day

For once...I am home from work early. Hiak Hiak... having the PC all to myself. MIL is making Bak Chang now! The smell is spreading tru the house.... just makes me hungry. Have to wait for Master Lim to come home before i can sink my teeth into one. Oh well...that leaves me here to update on what's been going on at work. Word has it that it is official. Official that two of my team members will be leaving us for "greener pastures" within the organisation. We have been without a manager for the longest time. Now.... I have to face having 2 less people around. Can feel the heat rising. Already am starting to cover some of their duties. Cannot imagine when this transfer really takes effect. Really hope BB finds replacement for them not too optimistic tho... looking at the absence of my manager for more than a year now. Stretching the rest of the team will only make us even more tired.... and more unwillingly to put in extra... sometimes, i so wanna find a hole to

Bangkok - 24 to 27 May 07

Been back from bangkok for over two weeks now. But have yet to upload any piccies or updated on my holiday. Well... it was one of the worst holidays I had. No... not because I went there with my mum & MIL.... but because, things seemed to go wrong from the very minute we landed in BKK. Checked in to Ambassador Hotel (recommended by my colleague... coz of its proxmity to the BTS).... it was already 3 pm..... but they told us the rooms are not ready. Nvm.... we went out for a walk.... came back at 4 pm to only realise that rooms are STILL not ready. They decided to give us two other rooms...... When we told we can finally jump onto the bed and rest our tired feet..... we found that the rooms were dirty...... the shower was broken.. and the arm chairs had blood stains on them!!!! EEEWWW! So.... me.... the bitchy one.... and a cleanliness freak..... stomped down to the reception to demand that we have the room changed! This is a far cry from my favourite Twin Tower hotel. If not for th