Busy Busy Busy....

It has been one hell of a busy week...

My team is officially without a manager now, which means we have to report directly to big boss (BB) , while he continues his search for a new mgr for us. However, in the mean time, I am helping BB with coordinating stuff for my team mates.... at the same time working on the workplan for the next FY. Well, all these is over and above the stuff in my own portfolio. Ihave like 4 proposals & 2 reports to do... on top of that....there are other nitty gritty admin things to settle. What's more... my days were always interrupted with last minute meetings and discussions. Can hardly catch my breath. This also inevitably means that I have been staying late in the office too. Been some time since I stayed back in the office to do work.

But... i am enjoying every bit of it. Guess I am just one of those who can't get by a day not having anything to do. Yes... i do complain of endless things to do.... but i derive a sense of satisfaction when i manage to beat the clock and get them done... WAY BEFORE dateline. That's the challenge. Hah!

By the way.... logged into the intranet to check my epayslip. HR has finally uploaded the long awaited information on our performance bonus! All i can say is YIPPEEE! I can clear my debts from the wedding, go for my holiday next week, and still have a decent amt to stash into my acct. Well... i think i deserve it anyway. The past year was tough. Had to adapt to incessant changes in the organisation. But... i came out strong. Glad i did not jump into the opportunity that came my way just a month ago. Otherwise, i will really bang meself to the wall.

Oh well! Now that I have gotten the answer i was looking for... time to start planning what to do next... hmmm.... maybe wait till I return from BKK then. Hiak hiak!

Anyway.... tot i'd reward myself ... so decided to trade in my problematic N73 for a new phone. Was getting quite fed-up with the "bugs" in my N73. Got meself E65. A more practical phone... sleek too!

My E65 in red.... I like!

Ok.... guess that's all for my update tonite. Need to koonz... have to head down to Johor with Hwa tomorrow to visit his sick grand aunt. Nitez peops!