Home Alone....

Finally, alone at home... haven't had the luxury of having the peace and quiet of my home since i got married. Very often, Hwa will be around.... otherwise, on some weekends when I want to lei-pak and do nothing at all.... B brings friends home for a round of tile-shuffling. Yes... this is my house.... but what can i say or do... compromise and tolerance is often practiced under this roof.... as there is no such thing as "ownership" here. I can be a meanie.... but I have to spare a thought for the one who will be caught in between. Anyway... now that I am alone at home... just going to relax.... and enjoy before it turns dark...:)

Guess this is also a good time for me to blog about my recent bout of "depression". Changes are taking place in the office quite rapidly... from brand new opportunities ... to new allies... and also evolving personalities. However, none of this has made me any happier or more satisfied at work.

I would not dare say I have lots of experience... coz what is 4.5 years in the work force. But this 4.5 years has seen me tru 3 jobs. I do not deny that I love the people where I am now... very much in fact. But people do not change how you feel towards the organisation rite?

Assurance and encouragement were freely given... at least at my dept, and at least to me. But when changes are about to take place... opportunites seem to be given to everyone else. Reason being... "You are most suited here.... be patient and you will rise above the rest". Maybe in short... this means..... we do not want you anywhere else in the organisation. Stay here... (and maybe rot)?. Oversensitive? Maybe. Can't blame though, because when we put one and one together... you realise people say things for the sake of saying it. How can one rise above the rest when the rest are given new oppotunities that makes them more visible... aka. fast track to advancement. So that poor one is left with the conventional way of climbing the ladder. Maybe one should really consider telling those who speak thinking they can comfort..."Cut the crap... and dun give me that bullshit!"

I really hope I am wrong.

Decisions were made to stay on.... other opportunites were given up. Let's just wait and see for the time being.

Once in the 4.5 years.... feelings of being appreciated is far from satisfactory.