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Another week

Another week has passed. I am not feeling any better. Not any more motivated from the week before. Stifled is the word to describe how i really feel. Had lunch with a Mr SF this afternoon. We were just chatting about people in the office, and how people are getting new roles....promotions and all. And being someone much more senior than me, it is good to hear that he feels that execs in our company are doing jobs of a manager if we were to compare to others outside. But then, who knows... and who cares. If i take my resume out... people will only see that I was an exec.... so what? The again, some people might argue that it is the $$ that matters... not position.... not status. Well.... i want it all. There must be a reason to work so hard all the time. But when there is nothing to look forward to... there is nothing worth working for rite? Other than my monthly paycheck. Sigh... anyway.... just need to get out of here. Wanted to go for a beach holiday for a long time.... but always ei

Home Alone....

Finally, alone at home... haven't had the luxury of having the peace and quiet of my home since i got married. Very often, Hwa will be around.... otherwise, on some weekends when I want to lei-pak and do nothing at all.... B brings friends home for a round of tile-shuffling. Yes... this is my house.... but what can i say or do... compromise and tolerance is often practiced under this roof.... as there is no such thing as "ownership" here. I can be a meanie.... but I have to spare a thought for the one who will be caught in between. Anyway... now that I am alone at home... just going to relax.... and enjoy before it turns dark...:) Guess this is also a good time for me to blog about my recent bout of "depression". Changes are taking place in the office quite rapidly... from brand new opportunities ... to new allies... and also evolving personalities. However, none of this has made me any happier or more satisfied at work. I would not dare say I have lots of exper