Photo Shoot

Finally, one more item struck off the list.

Our day started at 8.30am. Met up with Hwa 1/2 an hour earlier for breakie. Read on the forums that these photographers will not break for lunch till the indoor shots are all completed. So, we decided to have a heavy breakfast. Bad timing for me tho, as it was that time of the month. And, when it happens, I will get diarrhoea, cramps and gastric all at the same time. So not matter what I do to relieve one, the other will act up. :(

"It's going to be a long day", I thought to myself.

9am - We proceeded to Bridal Concept after a yummy McDonald's breakfast to wait for our make up artist to pick us up. She was a little late. Nevertheless, both of us were full of anticipation for the day, esp. me I guess. Every girl loves to doll up esp when it is going to be professionally done. :) Anyway, in 45 min...WALA! I was transformed! Pimples were invisible, dark rings were non-existent, eyes looked bigger and brighter.... Lovely! Hwa was impressed too!

10.30am - Photographer Kit arrived. Young chap... looked and sounded a little like a hongkie... but no lah... he's not. He started by discussing our expectations, where we would like to do our outdoor shoot.... Being the un-prepared couple as compared to the other couple at the studio... we told Kit we will leave everything his in good hands. Have heard and read good things about Kit... his portfolio is all over the shop. So I'm not fretting. Just enjoying every minute of the process. We started snapping. snapping and snapping all the way till 3.00pm before we stopped for lunch. By then, I was already quite tired from the endless smiling and posing. Gosh! Now i kinda admire models for being able to go tru numerous photoshoots! Anyway... Was quite upset that my gowns were all not properly altered. They used to be too small.... now after alteration... they became too big. Good thing, Kit's skills and chirpy personality, topped by the make-up artist's (Kelly) effort to rectify the issues made my disappointment diminish.

3.30pm - Time to head out for the shoot. That's me in the car.... hmmm Hwa dun wan to take pics...

First stop was St Theresa's Church... the church that Zoe Tay got married in. Here, Hwa was made to jump and carry me.... poor baby! First stop and he looks so tired.... and sweating like mad! :)

Next stop.... Robinson Road. I like! I love buildings... esp having wedding pics taken there. If tastefully done... it can even look like it was taken in london or new york!

Took quite a few shots before we proceeded to this "SECRET" place ... which is a-la rochester park kind of place, with a little hill, and full of greenery. So country like. There were so many couples taking their pics there too. Must be some popular spot. So... i wonder.... what so secretive about that place. Anyway, quite tiring.... we had to walk down and back up the hill. Despite it being such a tiny hill.... with all that gown and make up all.... the walking distance seems endless. Panting... and perspiring...

Off we go to sentosa... for some "romantic stroll along the beach" pic tures. More carrying of the bride for Hwa. Poor thing.... it is either I am tooooo heavy... or it is time for him to put on some mass! Then,... we took some sunset pics... and head off for nite pics at the fullerton.

By then, I am really so tired... that we manage to take only 3 or four shots... and i asked to call it a day. Hwa and Kit unisonly agreed! Yay... I can finally go back home to rest. It was 8.30pm. Our shoot took 12 hours!

Been thinking of the pics since that day till today. Can't wait to look at them... yet worried that I will bust my budget by ordering more pics that I am entitled for. Hmmm...... anticipating eagerly......


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