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Photo Shoot

Finally, one more item struck off the list. Our day started at 8.30am. Met up with Hwa 1/2 an hour earlier for breakie. Read on the forums that these photographers will not break for lunch till the indoor shots are all completed. So, we decided to have a heavy breakfast. Bad timing for me tho, as it was that time of the month. And, when it happens, I will get diarrhoea, cramps and gastric all at the same time. So not matter what I do to relieve one, the other will act up. :( "It's going to be a long day", I thought to myself. 9am - We proceeded to Bridal Concept after a yummy McDonald's breakfast to wait for our make up artist to pick us up. She was a little late. Nevertheless, both of us were full of anticipation for the day, esp. me I guess. Every girl loves to doll up esp when it is going to be professionally done. :) Anyway, in 45 min...WALA! I was transformed! Pimples were invisible, dark rings were non-existent, eyes looked bigger and brighter.... Lovely! Hwa wa