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Photo shoot - 1 more month...

17 June 2006, exactly 1 more month to go before our wedding photo shoot. Oh man! That means I have 30 days to lose that X kg to be at my ideal weight. What more I have FAT limbs! So exasparating! I must... I MUST look good for the photo shoot. How?!! Good thing prince charming is not around for the next two weeks to tempt me! Actually come to think of it, he has to be partly responsible for me being so fat & flabby today! Alright...weight loss SHALL be my resolution for this month (cross my fingers that I will stick to it!) Anyway, it is just a photo shoot, but yet there is so many things to prepare. Got to: Get shoes for me as well as for Hwa, Get a set of matching outfit for one of the photoshoot sections. = Crack brains= What shall we wear? Kakis? jeans? Boring! Soccer Jerseys? Too cheesy! Urgh.... I know lah... how about our old StarHub CS uniform?!!!!?? Hiak Hiak! Perfect right? Since that was what we wore when we first met! But...... it is so unglam! I just got to think hard


We are getting married! YES! We are! 3 years. That is how long (or rather how soon) it took for us to decide to take a step further. Spending the rest of our lives together, through better or worst, in sickness or health... was really not a difficult decision. Somehow along the way, early into this relationship, we knew where we would end up - MARRIED! Having been through two relationships (for both of us), we knew exactly what we are looking for. So... wala! The end product: Mr & Mrs Lim Chun Hwa... :) Sounds too good to be true? Yeah.... I sometimes feel so too. But, it was definitely not love at first sight! Anyway... I am hoping with this journal, we can share our joy and our story with all of you (for those who are interested lah! Hee!). This is no fairy tale... but it will become a chapter in our lives to remember! I am enjoying every minute.... and every second of it! Woo Hoo!