My biggest parenting barrier

This post was started with the intention to talk about the one thing which I felt, for the longest time, to be what stood between me and a well behaved son. I am still very tempted to say what it is, and it can get rather controversial if I do. So, you decipher for yourself as I am sounding pretty obvious towards the end of this post. When it comes to bringing up my child in the "right" way, I have followed almost every possible book, took the advice of more experienced mummies, Google-d parenting tips etc. I may not follow everything I hear or read to the T, but I wanted consistency . So, I made the hubs (and most people around me for that matter) follow my rules and nothing else. I get cross when family members do the exact opposite, and worst,  blame my son for his actions, which can definitely be managed properly by an adult. Maybe just let me defend myself here. I am not one that insists my son cannot walk in the park barefooted, nor mess the house up or run arou

The bub visits Hong Kong - Part One

At 14 months old, J has already traveled to 2 countries. What a lucky bub  tot he is. After weeks of deciding whether we should be going to Hokkaido for a tour, or Tokyo or Club Med at Phuket, we finally settled on Hong Kong because I am familiar with the place. Moreover, we were bringing both J's maternal & paternal grannies along, so Hong Kong seemed like just the right place with all the right food and shopping options. :) Yes. Brave soul I am. While I was excited because I was dying to get out of the country, there was apprehension as well. Most trips with the grannies don't end well with one or the other getting upset over one things or another. So, I was really crossing my fingers that all will go well this time. In brief, the trip did not end up the way I planned as it rained out on us, and I did not really plan for many indoor activities as grannies are not great shopping enthusiasts like me. Or at least not the mall kind of shopping. Disappointed I was. But

The hardest part of TTC

After the bravery  , comes the dealing with reality. This cycle of SO-IUI did not work in our favour. Stress with work, home and of course the little rascal did little to help settle the "beans". Saying it doesn't matter, and it was expected is just my way of getting out of a conversation with anyone who asks. Saying I can handle it on my own is my way of telling the hubs to please leave me alone and let me grieve on my own because he nvr seems to get it One may assume that having been through hiccups in the baby making department, this mini failure should not have caused any major negative emotions. Let me just say, every unsuccessful cycle means a lost opportunity and a fresh new cycle that comes with pain, blood and sweat. More so for me... it brings about crushed hopes which even the strongest of women need time to deal with. I had to sit through meetings, calls, press queries and pitch presentations looking like nothing happened, when all I want to do

Jo Frost's Toddler SOS Giveaway - RESULTS!

You will be contacted shortly on how to collect your prize! Thank you to all who participated!

Toddler SOS by Jo Frost - Review & Giveaway

With J showing signs of being in his terrible twos (a little early for that matter), I often find myself looking around for information to help deal with a seemingly difficult toddler. As much as I want to still  call my 15 month old a bub... it is hardly possible with the types of behaviors he displays these days. I googled. I spoke with parents. I scoured through books. All in hope of finding our parental solutions to a hyperactive toddler.  I was gifted with  Jo Frost's recently launched book , Toddler SOS , and this book has been a great help that I now keep it by my bed, referring to it when I have a hard day with J. For those who are unaware, Jo Frost is a popular nanny in the UK and the US, and is the person behind the popular series Supernanny . While she does not have any children of her own, she has worked with babies and toddlers for a good 22 years. Jo Frost's Toddler SOS was written to help parents like myself who finds managing the toddler years,

Focusing on the positives

We just came back from our holiday in Hong Kong, and it was a vacation that didn't quite feel like one.  All plans on what to do, where to eat etc did not materialize because it rained out on us. More on the trip in the following weeks. While I did feel disappointed at some point, on hindsight, being away from home, gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with the hub & bub. More importantly, it allowed me the luxury of time to reflect on things that have been bothering me for some time. 1) WORK:  It's been some time since I openly blogged about my work. Days leading up to the trip was demoralizing, where I repeatedly questioned my own ability and whether I am cut out to continue doing what I'm doing. The amount of things to look into while on a holiday made me wonder if i should cancel the trip altogether. On the flip side, the trip taught me (once again) to learn to let go. Allow others to take control although part of me knows the project will not turn

SEA Aquarium Review - RWS Marine Life Park

We took Jonas to the SEA Aquarium last saturday, and he sure had a blast! I am no fan of visiting tourist attractions on weekends as I cannot deal with crowds. However, with a young boy in tow now, I would have to slowly get used to it. We got there pretty early, at 10 am, right when the aquarium opened, but there was already a queue forming. The moment we entered, the place was jam packed with people and human traffic was definitely slow-moving. J urging me to go join the crowd Trying his hands at the exhibits at  The Maritime Experiential Museum , along the way to the aquarium .  Crowd aside, the place is huge! While it initially looked liked we have just entered the underwater water world, you will notice the difference lies with the types of fish species you see around you. J was definitely mesmerized by the sights, going "oooohhh!!! AAAAHHHH!" every time a shoal of fish swam over his head. "Look mummy! That's memo isn't it?"  J