swim for a cause

No. I am not swimming for a cause…. but my neighbour @ work, who i sometimes endearingly refer to as my twin @ work…is. Aviva, my employer is once again sponsoring the Aviva Ironman 70.3 this year. With last year seeing quite few internal teams taking part in the corporate challenge, this year is no different. Not only are there more teams, but also more colleagues pushing past their comfort zones to participate as solos… meaning doing all three legs of the competition on their own. To put some icing onto this encouraging sight, some of my colleagues are racing for a cause. They have  selected charities of their choice, and we as their supporters can do our part  by donating to these charities. Well… as a member of the brand and marketing services team, i would have obviously done my part by donating to the charities that resonates closely to what I believe in… and that means supporting some pretty close colleagues. Having done that …. kinda used up my monthly “charity allowance”

big heart, small ego

Grabbed the title of this post off one of my friend’s msn status  I felt it makes so much sense and that this definitely something lacking in many many people. Take a minute to reflect on the happenings of the day… did you get upset at someone or feel some people are incompetent? Or did someone think little of you… and you felt like you’ve been bashed up left, right & centre? Well… we often hold ourselves high in esteem and in bid to protect ourselves, we close our hearts to others. That’s probably why there’s so many unhappy souls out there… me included. :) I am going to start making this my daily mantra… “ Cultivate a big heart & small ego”….


Thank you for a good 5 years… while it was short, you brought so much joy to our lives. We will miss you…and are glad that your pain has been taken away. Vespa – 7 Jan 2005 to 18 Feb 2010.

a second try…

One thing I love about being a chinese is the chance to have a second try @ making new year’s resolutions. It’s always easy to erase the resolutions made on 1st Jan… and create new ones just to make myself feel better. Or rather… to pretend not having broken any resolutions made. I told myself to face challenges this year with optimism, and control stress in my best efforts. Barely 2 months into 2010, I have succumbed and started getting upset over the endless piles of rubbish called work. Can’t help wondering if I am at the right place, and if I am appreciated at all. A sudden, yet familiar urge subconsciously takes over. The urge of walking away to find myself. Anyway… hope the year of the tiger brings all that everyone hopes for. I wish it will be a year of hope & joy… :) Happy New Year… and i want to continue to face life with optimism! 

happy lunar new year….

Baking is therapeutic :) Good for the soul, but bad for the back! My back is breaking now! Related posts: “OngLai anyone?”

courage for the new year

Yes, courage is what i ask for in 2010. 2009 flew right past me… and looking back now, I hardly had the time to stop and reflect on the year’s happenings. In many ways, 2009 marked the start of many things in my life… like UrbanNook…..increased (& still growing) responsibility  @ work….. sudden realisation that I am turning 30 this year & yet have so much I have yet to experience…… most importantly, it’s a start of a long journey to get my first-born. And, this last bit is what i need the  most courage for. Writing this in itself takes a bit of courage. I found out months ago that I need help in getting pregnant. Although i always suspected i would have problems… i brushed it aside. I guess what i needed was just for someone professional to tell me so. But, truth always hurts yah? It does, and that’s why I kept it from everyone. In actual fact… i am dying to talk to people… dying to seek solace in people who understand the journey I am on… as the disappointment  kills me

I have recently switched from being a huge fan of almost everything bodyshop to today… a true blue korean skincare addict. Love skinfood to bits, but always found their stuff a little overpriced… so i would only purchase their products “in moderation”. This… is not until I found . Komart sells a range of korean beauty products of different brands. Skinfood, The Face Shop, innisfree, Missha etc…. at fraction of the price u find at the outlets. And…. when they have their regular promotions, prices are as low as 50% off the price  we know. Used them once, and got my colleagues hooked! Service was prompt and staff were friendly. Website was user-friendly too… although i stumbled upon a mini bug… which was fixed quite quickly. Anyway… while they obviously don’t have the full range of products from each brand, like what you see @ the retailers… what they do have are the popular ones…. which we use so often. So… all in all…. this site is God-sent! :) Well…. just in case