what’s life like on the other side?

The past couple of weeks have been really hard to manage. Day on day, i find it extremely hard to get out of bed to go to work. Work has been piling up … and you could probably picture me hidden behind piles of documents and files… all waiting for me give them some tender loving care. But… while the world does not stop revolving because i feel like I am drowning, i wish i can just drop dead and maybe all will then end. As extreme as it may sound… that’s what i feel at the end of each day. What’s most unwelcoming is when some other selfish people threaten to take away what means so much to me in this job. With so little time on hand, i really don’t need to find myself fighting for other people’s job if everyone can just work together amicably. At times like this, I often wonder what’s life like on the other side. Don’t ask me which side…. any side will do.

going with the wind

While walking home from the train station, had lots on my mind. Saw a few bikes zoom pass me… and this brought back lots of memories for me. Memories of days when life was so much more simple… so much more carefree. Hubz & I used to go around everywhere on our humble super4. That’s our first vehicle together, and served us really well. Always looked forward to those nights when Hubz pick me up from work back to his home …… going against/with the wind, taking  away whatever troubles we had at that moment. Life was simple then…. work, home, sleep, eat….work again….home, sleep & eat. Work was simple… never needing to bring stuff back…. never finding myself embroiled in unnecessary office trouble. Progression takes away all simplicity… but sometimes i wonder if this is what i want. I am a simple person, with simple dreams…. yearning for that simple life. Give me back my super4 days.

my favourite things…

Lyrics | Maria - My Favorite Things lyrics I found myself humming to the tune of this song on my way to the train station after a not so happy day. While humming… i feel my spirits lifted a teeny weeny bit. Guess it really works! I pictured Maria in “The Sound of Music” dancing away on her four poster bed… with the 7 kids tucked into the bed on a stormy night… and then life doesn’t seem all that bad anymore! Well…. the past two weeks have been quite horrid in my own terms. Feeling tired and weary. Probably it’s a sign to take a long long break. Am contemplating resting for a good 3 months to recharge… and maybe even re-evaluate what else I would want to do with my life. Of coz, at times like this, being able to keep a job is probably a blessing and not a given. Hence…having my various financial commitments… I can carry on dreaming….:P The next best option I have now is to simply remember my favourite things… and then I don’t feeeeeeeeellll so bad! All i want to do

just say it…

all it takes is for two people to be less assuming, less demanding, more accommodating, less antagonistic…. and all will be well. With these constant misunderstandings, now she thinks you don’t care about her, and she thinks you are a selfish jerk…. It is no wonder you can never be compared to the other…. and watever you do can never be matched-up. This is what makes my blood boil! Sometimes…. all you need to do is just say it. Say what you feel rather than keep quiet all the time…or antagonize her. Time to stand up for what’s right….

eat @ mertius

Armed with our newly received “eat @ meritus” card, Hubz, MIL and I trooped down to Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin this evening… Well… OCBC and the Meritus group have collaborated to bring OCBC card members an alternative dining experience. With this card, members can dine at the various meritus restaurants at a greatly discounted price…. and discounts can go all the way up to 50% for 2 dine-in guests. That’s what I call value for money. The privileges do not just stop @ the meritus group in SG…. but also apply when you dine @ the meritus resort on langkawi… Also…. while it is called eat @ meritus, members also get to enjoy special room rates at these hotels… Well…. membership is free for the first year… so no harm for OCBC card holders to apply for the card  and eat, drink & be merry! I was sure I did enjoy myself….although I would have been a little bit more appreciative it i could take my dinner a little slower, sipping on a good white wine. (of course… that will only

loaded up finally…

Yup… our new items are finally loaded up onto ! Click on pic below to see what’s in store…

i cannot do this anymore

Not alone… dunno how long I can hold out… everything is just getting too much for me…..