a really boring saturday


a break...

Booked ourselves on tiger airways.... found a fantastic new hotel...Vie by Mgallery..... off we go to BKK in another  1.5 mths! Wheeeeeee.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

handmade jewellery...

Helping a galfren to advertise her online shop... she made all those jewellery herself... She's based in canada... but if any of u are keen.... shipping back is can be arranged.... visit to see more... :)

perplexing behaviour

Do people act weird when they grow older? I noticed recently, MIL has become extremely defensive on every thing that happens at home, right to smallest thing of turning off the stove when the water is boiling. Whenever we tell her things like... she did not wipe the kitchen top... she will rebut saying we are just too  lazy to clean. Really! is there a need to? Hiah... so it has become a point where I try to say less....communicate less... which makes going home everyday quite agonising. Sometimes i wonder if it is because she likes us less... or is it because she sees us everyday... and that BIL is away... that's why she tends to compare as she misses him a lot. Sigh! MIL aside,... there's  my own mum as well....

I dream... therefore I will

Had dinner with a galfren on thursday night @ the Greenhouse Cafe (not sure if I got the name right). It's actually a florist, with a cafe serving up unique flower teas... and great dinner sets... all at affordable prices. The cafe accommodates only a few tables... which gives me a feeling that the owner set up this shop...purely to share her/his love for flowers.... and to share their own recipes with people who have the time to spend at their cafe. I love the greenhouse cafe. I remember... as a girl... other than badly wanting to be a crew... I had the dream of being an owner of a flower shop. Providing unique creations for numerous weddings... selling affordable flowers to those who have the same liking for flowers as me. I enjoy receiving flowers, of course would love to see people buying them to bring a smile of their loved ones. I also remember i have another dream. When I was in perth... i told myself... one day I will run and bake my own croissants, come up with my own past

6 years.

Not a very long time. Neither a very short period. It's been 6 years since we took the first step out of just being colleagues. The 6 significant things we went through together since... 1) He completed his studies, and got his degree. 2) He stood by me when I had to see my mum tru her cancer. 3) We both decided to pursue the careers outside of StarHub. He joined the bank... like what he has always wanted. Me, took on a marketing job...which was also what I have always wanted. (Other than the single regret of wanting to be a crew.) 4) We purchased out first home 5) We got married. 6) We remained married for two years.... ha ha. Here's to another good 6 years... and many more to come. Excerpts of the journey...

Buck up....else Shut up.

It is easy... oh so easy to talk about big plans. Sounds like a great idea. Nice to dream about.... but totally unrealistic. And while thinking big... maybe it's good to also act on it rather than push it away saying it's not your scope. Thanks for thoughts... but no thank you.