Brand New shopping experience

Double the shopping. Double the feasting. Double the crowd! This is Meen.C reporting from the new Jurong Point extension , or JP2. Finally, residents on the western shore of Singapore need not ravel all the way to town for some of their favourite brands. mphosis, Gripz, Charm, Faceshop, skinFood, Everlast, prettyfit, beetlebug, adidas etc. There's also a whole lot of cutesie korean stationery shop that sells note pads, note books,... diaries etc that are too good to resist. The men are not left out on this new shopping experience. Boutiques catering to the new aged men have sprung up on the first and second floors of JP2. Find your style and dress to your best here. Foodies are not forgotten too! Get the best mix of east and west with restaurants such as Zhou's Kichen, D** Tai Fung, New York New York, Lai Lai Kitchen, Old Town, Dian Xiao Er... and the list goes on. So what are u waiting for? Hurry down to JP2 TODAY! Shopping in the west has never been better! :)

All the hype about babies .. part 2

It seems like people ard me are either pregnant...trying to get pregnant... or even new-mothers. Because of that... I am like living in a pressure cooker where everyone's asking me when's my turn... " You have been married for almost two years hor... don't want to have kids ah?" " Quickly have a baby so for mum have company..." "It's always better to have babies early....." And the list of comments go on and on and on and on! Well.... maybe I should use this avenue to tell everyone: YES I AM TRYING.... but i truly appreciate it if people can stop asking! Things dun happen overnight... and I will let everyone know if i do get preggers k!


It was a day filled with so much love. The love between a newly wedded couple... the father and daughter love.... the mother and son love... and of course the quiet love my bro and I share. My brother got married yesterday. It was an event that took him a lot of courage to go through, but I can tell he is now really truly happy. He is himself... finally. I am glad the wedding is over. Glad that Bro has finally put the past behind him. It was not easy to forget what happened in the past. It didn't seem too long ago that my bro was going tru a very rough patch... a period of woe. It took him a lot of strength and courage to go on. I am glad that the whole family stayed together to see my brother through all these. And we are truly happy for him. Evie... welcome to the family!'s not my wedding... but it's my blog! So... i deserve to put my pic on this post... esp. all the running ard for the couple for the wedding! Ha Ha!


Ever had incidents in your life you wished you knew what exactly happened? When something ended , or someone ceased to be part of you life, did you ever wonder why it happened in the first place? Or did anything happen at all? I guess I had plenty... be it friendships (a lot of broken ones)... relationships or even little events in life that makes me sometimes reflect and wonder if things could have been managed better. Would there have been a lesson waiting for me to learn.... but then you wonder again.... would someone then tell me what went wrong? I saw the first guy I seriously dated on Sunday.... Saw him on along busy orchard road... with his wife and little one. I caught his eye... and wanted to smile & greet him.... but he hurriedly looked forward... like he didn't see me at all. That was the closure I was looking for since the last time i saw him (which i dun even recall when). When the relationship ended.... I din even know how it happened. In fact... I don't

A weekend of revving, racing and cute guys... ;)

Yes, it was the F1 weekend. I finally found the time to update on this "historic" weekend, where I was a part of. Have lots to comment on... but just too lazy to gather my thoughts....let the pictures do the talking for now.

I hate myself

I hate myself for being Nice. I hate myself for being accomodating. There is just friggin lots of things to do that puts my mind in a swirl! I cannot focus and i hate myself for it! I hate what's happening to me!

Aviva Ironman 70.3

Today... we went out... once again to paint ECP yellow... like we always do when there's an Aviva Event. The company's big on branding... and yellow being our corporate colour... we were out there..... putting as much yellow as we can! For the second year running, we sponsored the Ironman 70.3 in Singapore. About 1400 participants took part this time round.... that made everyone's adrenaline pumping the entire day. I guess everyone had their reasons for being there..... for the participants... some would want to win... some would want to beat their own personal best... for others.. it was just to challenge themselves to finish the race.... overcoming any adversities there are in the way. Then, for non-athletes like me.... it got me inspired to wanna stay healthy and start execising more often. Anyway... to all participants.... it was a job well done.... having to complete 2km of swimming in the open water, 90km biking and 21km running.... that's no easy feat. Kudos m